The Fitness Industry And What Constitutes Fitness

The Fitness Industry And What Constitutes Fitness

The fitness industry is a growing industry contrary to what obesity statistics in the USA might lead you to believe. Between 2005 and 2012 there has been an increase in the number of US health clubs (including YMCA, Park & Recreation, etc) from 26830 in 2005 to 30500 in 2012 according to the IHRSA with a total of 50.2 million memberships in 2012. People are becoming more conscious of their health thus the growth in the amount of health clubs but it is still not enough to combat the rising problem of obesity however. Health clubs have been likened to taverns in a recent post,

But despite their divergent societal purposes, I think that successful fitness centers share many characteristics with successful taverns. They make people feel welcome. They are inclusive. And they provide a sense of belonging.

Going to gym serves two purposes: one a place to get fit and healthy and the second is to socialize. Why not choose the healthy option and join a gym instead of visiting your local tavern.

FitnessOn To Actual Fitness

Fitness can mean many different things to various people. For some it is the ability to take part in sporting activities while for others it means being healthy and able to get through the days’ normal activities. Fitness is made up of various components such as strength, flexibility, cardio, endurance and body composition. Speed, agility, power balance and coordination also form part of your fitness. Different sporting activities use one or more of these components depending on the activity you partake in. A ballet dancer, for example, will use agility, balance, strength, coordination and flexibility as they dance, turn and leap across the stage during a performance or practice time. The marathon runner, on the other hand, needs endurance and muscle strength to complete a marathon. The level of intensity will also vary according to the goals you wish to achieve. An endurance athlete will spend more time building up endurance as opposed to the sprinter who will work harder on strength, speed and agility.

The Workout

Our hectic lives do not always allow us to spend large amounts of time on a workout. According to fitness expert Petra Kolber, contributing editor for Health Magazine and spokesman for the IDEA Health and Fitness Association says that thirty minutes is all it takes,

Thirty minutes is a realistic time frame for us to take out of our day to take care of ourselves.

A good thirty minute workout should combine resistance training as well as cardio training. With an intense workout we can burn more calories per minute with better post workout results. According to personal trainer Jonathan Ross and the American Council on Exercise’s 2006 Personal Trainer of the Year intensity is key.

People don’t need more time, they just need more intensity,” he says. “The body responds more to intensity than it does to the duration of a workout.

So up the intensity of your workout and reap the rewards. An intense workout is, of course, not suitable for everyone but is a good place to start if your time is limited.

training barbell gym strengthStrength Training

To build strength you need to increase the muscle mass enough to be able to cope with the strength activity you subject it to. A power lifter will progressively increase the amount of weight he lifts until he reaches the goal he has set for himself. His exercise routine may incorporate high repetitions of exercises such as dead lifts for his back, bicep curls for arm strength and bench presses for chest strength. Along with these, there is the strengthening of the lats, triceps, glutes, quads, hamstrings and core muscles as well.

Cardio Workouts

The cardio portion of a workout might be considered to be the easier, less monotonous part of a workout schedule purely for the reason that it can be varied in so many different ways. You can run, cycle, make use of various machines like an elliptical trainer, stair climber or treadmill. Then you can participate in a sport like squash, aerobics class or Zumba class all within the confines of a gym. For added variation you can swim, go rowing, jump on a rebounder or skip, to name just a few. This part of your workout improves heart and lung functions while improving circulation and helps improve overall well being.

Balance And Flexibility

Balance is another important aspect of fitness and can be static or dynamic. Ballet dancers use both static, stationary poses and dynamic balance during turns on point. Flexibility also plays a vital role in fitness and is the range of motion that a joint can move through. This applies majorly for gymnasts where they need to have ample amounts of flexibility to perform the range of moves that they need to do.

Fitness As A Whole

There are so many benefits to maintaining a fit body. The most important is the reduction and prevention of potentially fatal diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke and high blood pressure. Keeping fit keeps you energized, assists you in being able to complete everyday tasks without getting run down and suffering from exhaustion. To enable you to have a fit body you need to find the balance between exercise, nutrition and getting enough rest. It is so important to eat the right foods that will sustain you during exercise session and that will keep your body functioning at an optimum. Fitness helps you to cope better when curve balls get thrown your way, improves memory, helps in concentration and many more. The advantages of maintaining a fit body are numerous and you can achieve a fit body no matter your age, gender or state of health when you first start out. You can go from being obese to being a lean, mean fighting machine through diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.The advantages far outweigh any disadvantages so join the move to live, eat and feel better. Be the best that you can be.

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